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Providing support for families who have unexpectedly lost a child.

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At The Luke Day Foundation we strive to help lift some of the financial burdens that come with losing a child. We want to help as much as possible and where we can. We can help with medical and funeral expenses, mortgage/rent payments, utilities, food expenses, and more.

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Luke was pure joy. He had a smile on his face when he woke up in the morning and until he went to bed at night. He found happiness in everything. He laughed during meal time when the dogs sat by his chair waiting for for food to fall. He danced every time music came on shaking his whole body, bouncing, and pumping his right arm back and forth. He loved to follow his brother and play with all the same toys his brother enjoyed. He spent most of his life playing with dinosaurs and Hot Wheels because that's what Adam liked. He was a snuggle bug. He would snuggle all day if he could and wrap his arms around you in a tight hug. He squished your cheeks with both hands to give you a big open mouth sloppy kisses. He made life fun and knew how to make others feel that same joy in life's simple things.

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We are a family who understands the pain and financial strain of unexpectedly losing a child. We lost our sweet baby Luke in December of 2019. At 13 months old he was perfectly healthy. He was fun, loving, energetic, and brought joy to every moment. We were a happy and fun-loving family who was not prepared for this. We were devastated and caught off guard when Luke passed away from an abnormal twisting of the intestine called volvulus. It usually only happens in children at birth or very soon after birth and can be treated. However, Luke's volvulus developed suddenly and ultimately led to his passing. After his death, we were embraced by friends and family with continuous love and support. We started this Foundation as a way to honor Luke and make sure that other families feel the same outpouring of love and ongoing support. We want to wrap our arms around you and ease any financial burdens that we can.

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6808 Olde Sycamore Dr. 
Mint Hill, NC 28227

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